Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A litte news to tide you guys over:

Yeah, I'm supposing at least somebody out there is checking out my brilliantly-worded blog. I'll keep this simple and quote from

A beginning ... and an end?

On the eve of Denver's 45th training camp, the Broncos decided to make a crucial roster change. Linebacker John Mobley, who has been with Denver since he entered the league in 1996, was released after he failed a physical. Mobley, 31, has not fully recovered from a neck injury he suffered Oct. 26 during a game against Baltimore. Broncos coach Mike Shanahan says the team has not completely cut ties with Mobley. "If six months to a year from now he feels like he is ready to go, then we will assess him then," Shanahan said. In 1997, the season in which Denver first won a Super Bowl, Mobley was named first-team All-NFL by the Associated Press, The Sporting News, Pro Football Weekly and Football Digest

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Preseason is Just Around the Corner!

The first Broncos preseason game is August 9th: they'll play at home against Washington, who they will hopefully stomp into the ground in a friendly battle.  After that, there will be four more preseason games, and the regular season will start September 12th ( vs. Kansas City).  Are you ready for some football?

Thursday, July 15, 2004

New Broncos Blog

Hey folks,
Thanks for dropping by.  Sorry things aren't up and running yet, but they will be soon, so come back and see what's happening!!!