Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A litte news to tide you guys over:

Yeah, I'm supposing at least somebody out there is checking out my brilliantly-worded blog. I'll keep this simple and quote from

A beginning ... and an end?

On the eve of Denver's 45th training camp, the Broncos decided to make a crucial roster change. Linebacker John Mobley, who has been with Denver since he entered the league in 1996, was released after he failed a physical. Mobley, 31, has not fully recovered from a neck injury he suffered Oct. 26 during a game against Baltimore. Broncos coach Mike Shanahan says the team has not completely cut ties with Mobley. "If six months to a year from now he feels like he is ready to go, then we will assess him then," Shanahan said. In 1997, the season in which Denver first won a Super Bowl, Mobley was named first-team All-NFL by the Associated Press, The Sporting News, Pro Football Weekly and Football Digest

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