Monday, November 22, 2004

Broncos in the Backfield


Traditionally, the team's' running game is at its best late in the season. In the last seven regular-season games of 2003, the Broncos rushed for an average of 195.7 yards. With RB Reuben Droughns running hard and the line in sync, this year should be no different. The running game is crucial because it sets up Jake Plummer's play-action passes and allows him to roll outside the pocket, where he's most productive.

TE Jeb Putzier is a player to watch. He's gaining Plummer's confidence as a downfield receiver, is deceptively fast and has terrific hands. His blocking has improved, and his routes have become more precise. If he is more of a factor, it will help open up the passing game.

Jimmy Spencer was promoted to defensive backs coach, replacing David Gibbs. A player-coach last year, Spencer retired as a player before the season.

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