Tuesday, November 22, 2005

New York Jets Who?

The Denver Broncos blew out the New York Jets 27-0 on Sunday to extend their home winning streak to eight games. The injury heavy Jets lost two quarterbacks in one game against the Broncos. Turnovers and Denver’s running game plagued the Jets for four quarters. The Broncos managed to keep the Jets from getting into the end zone and succeeded in preventing them from crossing past the 29-yard line for the entire game. Kyle Johnson gave a beautiful performance and Mike Anderson went for three touchdowns. Jason Elam got to be the star of the game with two field goals and a host of extra points.

Overall this was a stellar performance against a team with a 2-7 record. Can the Denver Broncos dominate the Cowboys on Thursday with their record? It may be a tough game but if we focus on defense and the running game we may be able to break through and beat the Dallas Cowboys.

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Dr. C.A.Moenning said...

I am very proud of our Broncos. It seems, since the beginning of the season, Jake Plummer has been underestimated. I have followed Plummers career since Arizona State and it is obvious all he needed was a team and coach that allowed him to do what he does best. Quarterback. Although Denver beat up and spit out a 2-7 Jets, it is reasuring that the focus remained on winning the entire game. No fourth quarter naps this time. I am sure we all will see this focus for the Cowboys on Thursday. Denver players have meshed well this season and it shows on the record. If Denver keeps this up, wich they should, we will all see a championship come through.