Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Turnovers Curse Raiders

Darrent Williams made the game winning TD with an interception and run of 80 yards. Champ Bailey has tried to drill into these Bronco players that forcing turnovers is of great importance and sits right up there with completing passes and blocking for the run. Well these players were all about their training to the tune of three interceptions and four sacks. Turning the tide against the Oakland Raiders took the Denver Broncos to 7-2 which is the best they have done in so many games since 1998. I’m so excited to see Jake Plummer, Ashley Lelie, and Mike Anderson against the Jets on Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

Ashley lelie is killing me in fantasy this year. I'm catching alot flack for picking him as my 3rd receiver. I really need to save my butt this week Ashley needs to go deep again and again.