Sunday, October 01, 2006

Denver Broncos Rest, But Not On Their Laurels

I've had to do more resting than I planned on this summer, so it's good to be back at the keyboard. Evidently, my Broncos have been figuring out what to do without my sage advice anyway.

Especially by way of defense! I confess I wouldn't have picked up on a stat like this, but I think it's impressive: we're the first NFL team to start a season with 11 quarters without a touchdown! Against us, that is! Loved tackle Gerald Warren's comment: "I want this defense to get in people's heads. I want them to think: 'We don't stand a chance to score against the Broncos.' "

Enjoy your R&R, Denver! Got our tickets to Invesco Field October 9th, and it's the 4 and 0 Baltimore Ravens we need you to convince that they can't score against the Broncos!

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